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The presentation of the New Camp Nou has hit the headlines all around the world. Both sporting and general interest papers in every continent have reported excitedly on the future stadium set to be completed in 2022.

English-speaking media, like The Guardian, Sky Sports, CBS Sports and ESPN have all reacted positively to the news. As has the Spanish language press, and that’s not just in Spain, but also in Mexico Televisa, the USA Univision and Argentina Olé and La Nación to cite just a handful of examples.

In other countries, like Italy (La Gazzetta dello Sport) and Portugal (A Bola), the storuy has also been covered, And it’s a story that’s only just beginning.

NEW CAMP NOU - A dream open to the world: this... by fcbarcelona

“Spectacular design for super stadium”

British tabloid The Sun was gushing with praise for the project in a piece titled ‘Barcelona reveal plans for breath-taking 105,000-seater new Camp Nou,’ describing it as a “spectacular design for super stadium”.

Thursday’s presentation of the plans for the New Camp Nou generated huge expectation among the football world. More than 150 reporters from 60 different media outlets covered the announcement live.

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