There were long lines all day long as people came out in droves to say goodbye to Johan Cruyff. / GERMÁN PARGA - FCB

The second day of recognition for Johan Cruyff was just as massive as the first, as 16,116 people visited the Memorial on Sunday for a two-day grand total of 31,274 attendees, a clear indicator of the greatness of the figure of Cruyff. Everyone who came to Camp Nou to pay tribute to the blaugrana legend displayed their affection by leaving a wide array of different objects, among them being lollipops — one of the everlasting symbols of the Flying Dutchman — jerseys, scarves, flags and flowers, among others, before the 'Gracies Johan' poster at the entrance to the Memorial Space. The also expressed their love with messages in the condolence books.

Just as on Saturday, the day started promptly at 10.00am with the first people having already lined up at the entrance at daybreak. It was another emotional day marking an event in which classical music was juxtaposed with the moments of respectful silence as people stopped before the picture of Cruyff located in the Camp Nou grandstand. The memorial will be open until Tuesday.

Sunday also saw visits from a plethora of personalities from the world of sport, including a notable visit by former Italian player and 1982 World Cup champion Giancarlo Antognoni, who led a visit by the Italian U-21 team to bid farewell to Cruyff. During the day Club directors Silvio Elías and Ramon Pont were present for institutional visits and signed the condolence book made available in the Camp Nou box. At noon, former president Enric Reyna said that "we can not forget that Cruyff was a pillar for helping Barça become the great Club we have today."

In the afternoon, FCB president Josep Maria Bartomeu visited the Memorial with his family and then with first Vice President Jordi Cardoner and Directors Javier Bordas, Joan Bladé and Pau Vilanova. The long queue of sports fans continued throughout the day, as throngs of supporters gave their condolences and made their offerings. Nobody wanted to miss the opportunity to say goodbye to one of the biggest legends in the history of FC Barcelona. The appreciation shown these days is a shining example of the importance of Cruyff, who gave so much to the Club. The memorial is open Monday from 10.00am to 7.00pm.

Tribute to Johan Cruyff at Camp Nou by fcbarcelona
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