The young trainees from South Korea / GERMÁN PARGA - FCB

This week the site of men in white uniforms has been a constant in the city of Barcelona. With their cameras and mobile phones at hand these immaculately turned out young men and women are none other South Korean navy trainees who are in town after two training ships arrived earlier in the week at the city’s port.

The apprentice sailors have taken the opportunity to see the sights that Barcelona has to offer and obviously one of the first ports of call for the sea-faring visitors has been FC Barcelona’s ground, Camp Nou. On Tuesday of this week more 250 members of the ships’ two crews came to Barça’s ground to enjoy the full Camp Nou Experience.

The sheer scale of the stadium itself was one of the things that impressed the South Koreans the most. Woong Ryeol Kim was visiting Camp Nou for the first time and was awestruck at the magnitude of the team’s home ground. The trainees stay in Barcelona is just for three days so Woong will sadly not have the chance to see his hero Leo Messi play in the flesh and for that reason, he hopes that the trainees will be back in the city before too long.

The crew of a South Korean frigate visits FC... by fcbarcelona
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