A virtual image of the Espai Barça / FCB

The architectural competition regarding the New Camp Nou and the New Palau Blaugrana, two of the key pillars of the Espai Barça project, is proceeding according to schedule now that the first phase of technical evaluation has been completed following the presentation of different architectural studies in the preliminary stage.

As many as 26 different studies from both local and international participants have been put forward with the aim of making it through to the second phase of the contest for the New Camp Nou. Furthermore, some 19 studies have been presented for the competition involving the New Palau. During the month of July, a technical committee formed by members of Catalan Architects College and Espai Barça has examined each of the proposals and in the month of August the list of studies that will move into the second phase will be announced by a jury that contain Juan Pablo Mitjans, the son of the Francesc Mitjans, the original architect of Camp Nou.


The competition itself began on 5 July with a preliminary phase for the proposals. The deadline for ideas for the design of the New Camp Nou and New Palau ended on 6 July and since then the technical committee has examined each proposal in both competitions. The next step is for the jury to select the finalists in both areas. Towards the end of the year it is expected that the architectural proposals for both the New Camp Nou and the New Palau will have been examined and the winning projects for both will have been announced.

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