Josep Maria Bartomeu casts his vote / FCB

Josep Maria Bartomeu was the first of the four presidential candidates to cast his vote on a busy morning at the Camp Nou, He was amazed to see that so many people had turned out so early, saying that “this is a celebration of the club and democracy. Barça has once again shown that it is a democratic club and that its members want to play an active part in that … Everyone should come to the Camp Nou and vote. It is a good, quick method like we had for the referendum. People should come along with their families because there are plenty of activities for them to enjoy.”

More statements from Josep Maria Bartomeu:

“We have a team that can govern the club for the next six years. I am not alone. It is not the first time that I have formed part of a team”.

“These are the Barça elections that we have been promising since January. Barça needed this start a new six-year cycle with some very important issues for the club. And Barça must continue to grow. We have to make sure that we carry on as the number one club”.

“All the candidates have a chance in this election so let’s see what the members decide. We have felt we have the supporters on our side throughout the campaign and a lot of them have said that they’ll vote for us”.

“The three other candidates are strong opponents. Freixa has some good ideas that I’d like to include, so does Benedito. We all have our opinions”.

“I’ll be here for the day at the Camp Nou. I want to be here with my colleagues, the candidacy and my family”.

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