Albert Soler, Josep Segura, Jordi Roura and Xavi Llorens at the presentation of the youth football mode/ GERMAN PARGA - FCB

FC Barcelona presented on Thursday, in the Auditori 1899, the Club’s six-year plan for La Masia. The event was attended by Club president Josep Maria Bartomeu; Professional Sports Director, Albert Soler; Technical Secretary of Youth Football, Josep Segura; Technical Secretary of Amateur Youth Football, Jordi Roura; and Technical Secretary of Women’s Football, Xavi Llorens.

Also attending were VP Jordi Mestre; Directors Javier Bordas, Silvio Elías, Jordi Monés and Xavier Vilajoana; and First Team Technical Secretary, Robert Fernández, among others.

The new model is part of the strategic plan, recently approved by the Board of Directors, which is essentially a road map for the Club for the next six years. It is based on five strategic areas — sporting excellence, maximum social involvement, development of sporting infrastructure, global brand recognition, and sustainable economic management.

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Organisational chart

To implement this new model, the Club has followed through with a newly structured hierarchy for the Club’s professional and amateur sports.

The new model aims to adapt to new FIFA standards, to reinforce development of the Club’s athletes through the Masia 360º project, while staying faithful to the Club’s globally recognised style of play. In addition, Women’s football will follow the men’s development model.

Youth football foundation

The youth model is based around the coaches, the program, the selection of players, and managing youth players.

The coaches are tasked with applying the Club’s philosophy of effort and team work through training; the program is based around the Barça DNA and style of play; and the selection of players is fundamental to attaining the Club’s goals of having the best players under its guidance, understanding the youth player market and controlling the quality and trajectory of its teams.


In order to adapt to FIFA guidelines, the search for top players will be focused on Catalonia and the rest of Spain until 16 years of age. After 16, the search can expand to the rest of Europe and, finally, after 18 years of age, players from beyond Europe can be incorporated.

Women’s football

Women’s football is in its first year as a professional sport, which has meant changes to structure and methodology along the lines of what the rest of the Club’s professional teams follow, with the objective of becoming a national and international model and eventually winning the Champions League.

‘Masia 360º’

The Masia 360º project is focused on making sure the Club’s athletes are not just good sportspeople, but good human beings. The Club works on developing athletes as well as helping them adapt to their environment. The project will create a special advisory office for the Club’s athletes that will organise both sports and non-sports related activities, among others.

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