Tickets for Camp Nou

From 7 October at 10.00am CET, members without season tickets will be able to start to buy tickets for matches from the second half of the 2015/16 at Camp Nou. The two first days of sale will be exclusively directed at those members who will be able to buy a maximum of six tickets per game via the Club website, Ticketmaster and the Club ticket offices.

On 9 October at 10.00am CET, the sale of tickets will be opened up to other members and the general public. The conditions are the same, a maximum of six tickets via the normal Club channels.

A discount of 20%

For all home games in the league, except Real Madrid, members will have a discount of 20% for the first ticket. If the ticket is bought via the Club website, members will have to identify themselves with their password and number key and the discount will be applied automatically (the same process if the ticket is bought via Ticketmaster). In the course of the purchase process, the available seats can be seen with their price according to which zone of the stadium they belong.

If the ticket is bought at the Club ticket offices then the members will have to bring their membership card for the discount to be applied.

The Club is putting tickets on sale for all the games in the second half of the season with the exception of the Clásico against Real Madrid which is at Camp Nou on the weekend of 3 April. On 11 November a separate purchase process will open up for this game exclusively for members without season tickets.

At the start of the season the Club opened up a first period of purchase for tickets corresponding to the first half of the season.

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