The first users were able to savour the latest gastronomic delights available at the Camp Nou / VÍCTOR SALGADO - FCB

From Tuesday 16 February, the Camp Nou shall have a new catering area open to the public. Part of the Camp Nou Experience, it was designed by the world famous Iglesias brothers.

The Roma 2009 Gastronomic Space is located in the grandstand and was presented on Monday evening at an event attended by several members of the Board, and with speeches by Nacho Mestre, director general of FC Barcelona, Antoni Llorens, director general and president of Serunión, and Juan Carlos Iglesias, CEO of the Iglesias Group.

Mestre described this as the latest step in the development of the future Espai Barça, while Iglesias, who created the menu spoke about the “huge responsibility of setting up this project … it was designed to be financially accessible to the members.”

Llorens congratulated everyone involved for their wonderful work, calling it "a dream that we have been working on for 25 years and that is the culmination of a joint project with FCB".

The culinary service will open at the same times as the Camp Nou Experience, from 10.00am to 6.00pm, and will be available to all visitors and the general public at midday. It will be closed on match days, and also the day before in the case of Champions League fixtures.

The Iglesias brothers were also involved in such prestigious restaurants as Rías de Galicia, Espai Kru and Casa de Tapas Cañota, and they have fused the best of all three to create unique proposal in which seafood plays a very prominent role.


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