Toni Freixa casts his vote / JOANA BURGUES - FCB

The third candidate to cast his vote on Saturday was Toni Freixa, and afterwards he said that “the members know there’s a lot at stake today, including the immediate future. They always take responsibility and show up for the big occasions … The joy of the Barça fans both now and in the future is what matters today.”

Other statements by Toni Freixa:

"We are a unique club in the world and we can feel very proud of our candidacy”.

“Today is not a day for campaigning. We have had 45 days to do that and the last five have been the most decisive. And I feel happy with the way things have gone”.

“We have reached the final neck and neck with the other candidates and the work they have all done has been very good. It has been an example to everyone of what Barça can do”.

“We are very happy with the job we have done and people have recognised us for that. We can feel very proud of ourselves”.

“I want to congratulate the employees that have worked so hard to make this day work. The organisation of all this has been fantastic”.

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