Jorge Lorenzo, amb les cinc Copes d'Europa exposades al Museu del FC Barcelona / FCB

The visitors’ book at the FC Barcelona Museum has a new signature, that of Jorge Lorenzo, three time MotoGP world champion who on Tuesday paid a visit to the Camp Nou Experience. The motorbike rider was in Barcelona for Movistar Yamaha’s team presentation for the coming 2016 season.

The MotoGP superstar, accompanied by Museum Director Jordi Penas, spent more than an hour taking in the history and achievements of his favourite football club. From Ladislao Kubala’s boots to the Espai Leo Messi, the world champion from Mallorca savoured every moment at the Barça Museum: “It’s fantastic, incredible. When you come here there are marvellous moments when you remember Barça’s history and relive things that you had forgotten about. It has been a great and very satisfying experience.”

The Spanish motorcyclist was especially impressed with the area dedicated to the Barça number 10. “Messi is amazing. There has never been a player like him with five Ballon d’Or, and that is down to the great effort, discipline and natural talent that he has. Let’s hope he keeps winning the Ballon d’Or because that means that Barça are still winning trophies,” said Lorenzo.

The MotoGP is a well known Barça fan and in 2010 he donated the motorbike kit that he wore in the 2009 Catalonia Gran Prix to the Museum. Designed in the Barça colours, it is now on show, something Lorenzo is obviously proud of: “Barça is my team and I follow them whenever I can. To see my kit, helmet, gloves here is a source of great pride. I always have Barça in my heart and I am happy to know that millions of people every year see my kit. I hope it continues for years to come.”

Jorge Lorenzo visits Camp Nou Experience por fcbarcelona
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