Agustí Benedito casts his vote / JOANA BURGUES - FCB

Agustí Benedito was the last of the four candidates to cast his vote for the presidential elections, and afterwards commented that “a lot of people know that there’s a need for change. They are tired of wars and have a different idea of what Barça should be. I believe I can lead that change … These are the most important elections since 1953 … We’re deciding about investments of more than a thousand million euros. There’s a lot at stake but the people know that. Today is a huge celebration and I feel proud of that and happy to be a Barça supporter.”

Other statements by Agustí Benedito:

“They’re not ideal dates but Barça is more important than anything else. That’s why I’m calling on everyone to come along and vote”.

“There are very few clubs in the world where this happens. Of teams of our calibre, we’re unique. Thousands of Barça members will decide”.

“All four candidacies have been up the requirements of the campaign. It has been a clean process”.

“These elections are wide open. I’m hoping there’s going to be a surprise at the end of the day”.

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