Aleix Font design the new Air Max / FCB

It’s true. The headline could not be any clearer. To celebrate Air Max Day, the young athletes of FC Barcelona had the opportunity to design their new Air Max iD inspiring themselves in the most important moments of their careers. Some unforgettable moments that would be represented in their sneakers. The headline is now even clearer.

Alexia Putellas, the women’s football team captain, was clear: the day she came back to play for Barça. Seungwoo Lee, youth football team striker, didn’t have any trouble deciding either: he chose the day that a talent scout offered him to join FC Barcelona. “We were playing a tournament in South Africa and the FC Barcelona scout offered me the chance to join the team. This moment was unbelievable”, said Seungwoo Lee. Every player told their story. Every player told that moment that marked a turning point in their career.

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Aleix Font remembered the day he started playing for the National Spanish Basketball Team. Noel De Cerro, pole vaulter, shared how it feels to win a gold medal in the Youth Olympic Games. Some emotive stories, like Wilfrid Kaptoum’s, when he decided to leave his country, Cameroon, to live his dream. Or some stories of overcoming like the Álex Carbonell’s, a striker of the FC Barcelona Youth Team A, when he fought to join his favorite team.

Those moments were useful for the Nike Sneaker Experts to advise them to create their models, helping them to choose the materials and colors that reflected best each story. Designs that represent values and claims like Grow Wild, by Andrea Wash, player of the women’s volleyball team. Designs that inspire. Designs to honor sneakers that are part of the history. Join Air Max Day on March 26th and honor yourself with one of the most remarkable icons of sneaker culture.

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