Josep Maria Bartomeu and Juan Carlos Navarro during the presentation / GERMAN PARGA - FCB

The New Palau Blaugrana was presented on Tuesday at the 1899 Auditorium where the president of FC Barcelona spoke about the innovative project.

The current Palau is famous for its nights of glory and great comebacks, and so club president Josep Maria Bartomeu was quick to assure that the new stadium will maintain its terrific atmosphere.

The president says that “it is designed to remain a cauldron,” which is a prominent characteristic felt by both players and fans alike in the current court.

During the event, Bartomeu spoke of his delight with the final design, which is “a global renovation project and improvement of the FC Barcelona facilities”.

The New Palau will be "unique, innovative and an architectural jewel” which will hold everything necessary “to help us complete our objective of becoming the biggest sporting club in the world”.

This is a project that will benefit all of the club’s teams, said the president, “in order to maintain and improve their positions of excellence and their sporting successes”.

In finishing, Bartomeu spoke of his pride in the construction of the project, saying that “we are building the Espai Barça with transparency and looking after the environment, for persons with reduced mobility and for the benefit of our immediate surroundings”.

Daringly but sensibly

Director of the Espai Barça commission Jordi Moix also lended his thoughts on the project.

"We want to make the New Palau daringly, but also sensibly and with common sense. The first thing we ask is that the atmosphere of the current Palau is maintained."

In addition, Moix stated that, given that the New Palau is being built on the site of the current Miniestadi both the New Miniestadi and the New Palau are overlapping projects

Therefore, until the New Miniestadi is built, work will not begin on the New Palau, which is scheduled for 2017. He also said that selling the naming rights of the stadium could fund the project.

The capacity and atmosphere of the New Palau

The mass social interest in professional sports is high. Therefore, Jordi Moix believes "we have the sufficient facilities to cover around 10,000 seats." However, the New Palau is designed to be flexible. Through retractable seating, it can reach a capacity of 12,000 spectators. To maintain its famous atmosphere of the current Palau, Gascón from TAC Arquitectes, assured that they will work hard on the proximity of the fans and the acoustic effect. Rhodes from HOK Architecture, on his part, said “we will create an arena with energy that provides a unique experience for European fans."

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