Jordi Cruyff spoke to the press on Tuesday / GERMÁN PARGA-FCB

Jordi Cruyff, son of the late Johan, spoke about his gratitude for the messages of condolences received after the death of his father.

The former FC Barcelona player gave thanks to the media and the club as well as speaking of his father’s pride for his charity work.

Foundation agreement

"In recent months we shared a final hug. The apple of his eye was always the foundation, which has devoted much of his time and energy. It was a beautiful final agreement between the Johan Cruyff Foundation, the FC Barcelona and La Caixa Social Work. It was the last signing of his life and one of the most special.”

“His first priority was to work to the máximum for his children of the foundation, he was very proud of this agreement.”


“Also, thanks to the media for respecting us in the last few days. 99% of the press have demonstrated respect which he deserved.”

Thanks to Barça

"Thank you to FC Barcelona for being respectful to all the wishes of the family. And thank you to Barça for all the events organised, which all had the blessing of the family."

"Johan is not only family. He is from the world of football. Thank you for the show of love."

“Barça, Ajax and the Dutch national team were his footballing loves and so it’s great that these three entities have shown such respect and support.”

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