Johan Cruyff at one of the Barça training sessions when he was the team's manager. / FCB ARCHIVE

Johan Cruyff changed the way we understand football and revolutionised the history of FC Barcelona, both as a player and coach. The old Barça TV program called "Recorda Míster" ("Remember, Boss") looked back at Cruyffs great successes as a the blaugrana coach and invited him onto the show, where he revealed the secrets of the legendary 'Dream Team,' which won four consecutive league titles and the first European Cup in Barça history.

It wasn't just what that team won, but also how they were won. Cruyff was the architect of a footballing spectacle that revolutionised how the game was played and in which laid the foundation of the current squad. See the myths come alive in one of the Club's greatest documentaries, divided into three chapters that delve into the legendary annals club history.

Remember, Boss (Chapter 1)

Barça TV - Recorda Míster: Johan Cruyff... by fcbarcelona

Remember, Boss  (Chapter 2)

Recorda Míster: Johan Cruyff (Capítol 2) by fcbarcelona

Remember, Boss  (Chapter 3)

Barça TV - Recorda Míster: Johan Cruyff... by fcbarcelona

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