Leo Messi in the online edition of the 'Financial Times'

FC Barcelona’s Strategic Plan is news in the ‘Financial Times’. The highly regarded British newspaper has a headline “Barça president takes a shot at €1bn goal” on Friday in an article which talks about the Club’s economic ambitions.  We want to be the first club to generate an income of more than one billion Euros,” states Josep Maria Bartomeu in an interview with the financial publication.

“There is no other in the world, whether in football or in other sports, that think ahead more than one or two seasons. But here at Barça we do,” continues the president, referring to the Strategic Plan to take the Club to 2021 and that was presented the FC Barcelona employees on Friday.

Asked about his rivals, Bartomeu explained that Barça’s main competitor is the Premier League, whose clubs every year try to tempt away the Club’s youth team players at La Masia.

The newspaper ‘Expasion’ also highlights FC Barcelona’s economic ambitions. The publication has the headline “Barça want to bring in 1,000 million by 2021 via marketing and television” and it explains the Club’s desire not to base everything on sporting results. “Up until now the sporting success has meant success in social and economic areas, something that fed the sporting side. This equation has to be developed: economic success cannot be based on whether the side wins or loses,” explains Bartomeu in an interview with Expansion.

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