FC Barcelona, faithful to its historic vocation of solidarity and commitment to society, especially with regard to disadvantaged children, has mobilised its forces in response to the worst migrant crisis facing Europe since the Second World War. Club Vice President Jordi Cardoner presented on Friday the ‘Tant se val d’on venim’ campaign — the phrase means 'It doesn't matter where we come from' and is a prominent line from the lyrics of the Barça anthem — to aid the refugees arriving in Europe and the more than 3,000 people that will arrive in Catalonia, according to government officials, in the coming months.

This campaign is in partnership with the Red Cross, an international body with expertise in managing migrant crises and which will be the beneficiary of the funds collected. The start of the campaign will be on Sunday 20 September, coinciding with the league match against Levante, and will last until January.

All areas of the Club have joined in this campaign of solidarity, which has three main objectives: fundraising, increasing awareness and social integration of those affected, especially those suffering due to armed conflicts in the Middle East, Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq.

FC Barcelona wants to involve everyone, from members, fans and supporters to its athletes and coaches, as well as sponsors and suppliers, to help raise the financial resources needed and make donations to the Red Cross that attend to the needs of the refugees.

These donations can be made online through the FC Barcelona website, www.fcbarcelona.com/fcbrefugees, where donors will have to fill out a form and can donate via credit or debit card.

Other ways to make financial contributions will be in person via special donation points located in different parts of the stadium area — official shops, offices, the ice rink, lockers, the Foundation, the Museum and the Supporters Services Office (OAB). On match days at Camp Nou, donation points will also be installed at the entrances to the Palau and Miniestadi.

To raise awareness, the Club has involved its athletes to help bring attention to the importance of finding solutions to help alleviate the plight of the refugees. The Club has developed a special photographic campaign and a microsite on the club website to spread the messages of the Club's team captains, who have recorded videos in support of the refugees that will be distributed through the media, social networks and the video scoreboards at Camp Nou, the Palau and the Mini Estadi.

FC Barcelona has historically been a vehicle of integration for newcomers. Supporters Clubs, located throughout the territory, will be essential to carrying out the task of helping refugees adapt to our society. Barça will work with the Confederation of Supporters Clubs to organise actions to facilitate the integration of refugees.

The funds obtained from donations will go to local and international programs to aid those affected by this crisis.

All persons wishing to make a donation and who would like a tax certificate can request it from the Foundation via email: fundació@fcbarcelona.cat.

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