The Board of Directors, which convened for an ordinary session at the Club's offices on Monday, has decided to approve the agreement presented by the Club's Legal Services with regard to the case surrounding the signing of Neymar Jr, currently being heard in the Courts of the Province of Barcelona.

The agreement involves the recognition by the Club of an error in tax planning for the signing of the player, for the fiscal years 2011 and 2013, when they did not not correctly withhold payments resulting from his incorporation. In addition, the Club has been exonerated from responsibility for the fiscal year 2014, which was also part of the proceedings.

The Board considers the approval of this agreement to be a positive step, one that puts an end to a situation of legal uncertainty that could have affected the viability of the Club's sporting and economic plan in the coming years.

Given the importance of this decision, the Board has decided to subject the motion to approval at the next General Assembly of Member Delegates.

Other agreements

In addition, the Board has approved several auxiliary services contracts for the Club for the next two seasons, covering the areas of security, access control, and ball retrieval staff, among others.

The Board also approved a new FCB Escola in Ottawa, Canada, the country's fourth, which will commence operations in October.

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