Jordi Cardoner and Silvio Elías visiting the Penya Barcelonista de Washington DC / MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

The Penya Barcelonista de Washington D.C. was founded in 2009 by just 15 members who until then had only been able to watch soccer matches on TV and didn’t even know each other. They have gone from strength to strength since then, and now gather about 200 people for each Barça game.

The club is made of people from all over the Americas, and also a fair number of people from Catalonia that are either working in Washington or that are the descendants of second or even third generation Catalans. But what they all share is a passion for all things FCB, including its world famous philosophy and values.

Today was a very special day for them, for they were able to welcome FC Barcelona directors Jordi Cardoner and Silvio Elías to their meeting place, a bar in the city centre that simply oozes with Barça in every corner. Almost everyone was wearing a Barça shirt for the occasion, many of them bearing the club’s witty catchphrase of ‘District of Culémbia’. The Barça representatives were particularly amused by the flag, where the traditional red and white stripes on the American flag have been replaced by the yellow and red of the Catalan ‘senyera’.

Check out the video, and wait until you see the amazing car that one of the members drives! And to think there are still people who claim that there is no passion for soccer in the United States!

Work for chairity

Raimon Puigjaner is the president of the P.B. de Washington D.C., a Catalan who moved to the States in 2009 to work for the World Bank. He now has his own company that promotes social cooperation and development. His experience means that his supporters club, or ‘penya’, also devotes much of its efforts to similar work in benefit of the people living in the more underprivileged neighbourhoods of the US capital. All in all, this is a club that does a tremendous job upholding the famous tradition of solidarity that has so typified Barça throughout its history.

FC Barcelona US summer tour: Penya Barcelonista... por fcbarcelona
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