Els primers treballs del procés de canvi de gespa al terreny de joc han començat aquest matí / GERMÁN PARGA-FCB

Camp Nou will have a new playing surface for the first home game of the league season against Málaga. The process of replacing the old pitch began on Tuesday and is scheduled to finish on Saturday. Unlike in other seasons, the operation is a simple case of replacing the grass with the new turf which has come all the way from Bordeaux in France.

Work began straight after the conclusion of the second leg of the Spanish Super Cup against Athletic Club on Monday evening when the first few rows of the seating at Camp Nou to allow the machinery to enter onto the pitch. On Tuesday work continued with the removal of the posts and corner flags which was followed by cleaning the sprinklers and the removal of the old pitch.

The new pitch consists of some 8,500m² of turf which will arrive on Wednesday and the following the laying of the new playing surface will begin. Preparations will continue into next week in time for the game against Málaga on Saturday 29 August at 8.30pm CET.

Change after two seasons

The pitch is being replaced after two seasons after extensive monitoring by the Club’s Department of Operations. Last season was an exceptionally long campaign and this summer, in particular the months of May and June saw unusually high temperatures, two factors that caused problems for the playing surface.

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