The Board of Directors at the Monastary of Poblet. / GERMÁN PARGA- FCB

The FC Barcelona Board of Directors met today at the Monastery of Poblet, one of the places chosen for perdiodic meetings within the territory of Catalonia. Due to the symbolic meaning and the values shared, the Club decided to head to Poblet, where they have just begun the undertaking of a local project to boost tourism, and which is supported by the FC Barcelona Foundation.

Here are the highlights of Monday's meeting:

  • The Board expressed satisfaction for the renewal of the agreement with UNICEF until 2020, a deal which was finalised last week and which calls for an increase in the Club's annual contribution to two million Euros. With this renewal both organisations reaffirm their commitment to work for the rights of children worldwide. The Board thanked UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake for his praise of the FC Barcelona model in a recent speech before the United Nations.
  • The Board approved the allocation of 209 season seats at Camp Nou, all coming from administrative attrition, and which will be available for members registered on the waiting list. Seats have been assigned to the waiting list for the fifth consecutive year, bringing allocations to a total of 1,926 since the 2011/12 season.
  • This season, in accordance with the commitment made by the Board in the last election, new season ticket holders will not have to pay the non-refundable registration fee amounting to three seasons worth of tickets.
  • The Club will call members enrolled on the waiting list in order by certified letter and email. In-person seat selection will begin on 7 April  and end on 22 April. Season tickets will be valid for next season, 2016/17. Members who do not show up or who renounce their proposed seats will be removed from the waiting list. Once the process is complete, the waiting list will be updated and members will see their new position in the club website.
  • The Board approved the contract for the lease of FC Barcelona's new office in New York, which will be located in Manhattan, and which will open in the coming weeks.
  • Finally, the Board congratulated the roller hockey team, which this weekend won the Copa del Rey in Reus, the 20th Cup in team history.
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