'Write your own Barça history', as part of the 30th anniversary of the Museum

As part of the commemorations of the Museum’s 30th anniversary, this Wednesday FC Barcelona has set up a brand new activity for fans to write their personal histories of the club. The activity is taking place via a new microsite available in Catalan, Spanish or English and that can be accessed using any kind of device. It shows a selection of highlights from almost 115 years of club history, and fans can choose their favourites.

They’ve been divided into four different time periods (1899-1974, 1974-1992, 1992-2003 and 2003-2014) and participants pick four pictures from each to make their ‘infographic’ depicting their own personal FC Barcelona historical timeline.

Monthly draw for shirt

The infographic is personalised with the user’s name and photo and can be shared on social networks (Twitter, Facebook and Google+) using the hashtag #Museu30FCB or highlighted as a main action to celebrate the anniversary. All participants will also be entered for a monthly draw to win a shirt.

All of the images that were selected for the microsite appear on the history charts in the FC Barcelona Museum in the form of videos or photos showing glorious moments since the club was founded in 1899 right through to the present day.

Once the action has ended, FC Barcelona’s own infographic will be made using the pictures that were chosen the most often by the participants. This will be ‘The Barça history written by its fans’.

[[BOTOVERMELL::WRITE YOUR++BARÇA HISTORY::http://games.fcbarcelona.com/museu30anys/?lang=en::HOR::NF::NO-TRACKING::::::]]

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