Champions League final tickets / GERMÁN PARGA - FCB

UEFA are working with the relevant authorities to try and combat the sale of counterfeit tickets and ticket touting during the run to the Champions League final to prevent access to the stadium of fans with unauthorised tickets. The organisation is aware that there are a series of people, companies and websites offering tickets and hospitality packages for the game, many of which at prices far beyond than those stipulated officially.

As such, legal action will be taken against those people who break the law and/or infringe the terms and conditions regarding tickets.

UEFA warn that official sales channels for tickets are now closed and that all tickets and hospitality packages have been sold. Therefore, it advises against buying tickets from unofficial sources. Any unauthorised ticket will not allow access to the stadium.

In order to battle against the sale of unauthorised tickets for the final UEFA can carry ID controls at the Olympic Stadium and those fans who have bought tickets via unofficial channels will be not be allowed access to the stadium.

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