Manel Arroyo and Javier Faus during their visit. PHOTO: Samer R. Rejjal

FC Barcelona vice-presidents Javier Faus and Manel Arroyo visited the Doha studios of Al Jazeera and Bein Sports this Wednesday as part of the trip being made by Club officials - and Neymar Jr and Gerard Piqué - to the Qatari capital to mark the launch of the new Qatar Airways ad.

Both Faus and Arroya gave an interview to presenter Bassel Tabbal, at the Bein Sports studios and touched on issues concerning both the Club’s sporting position and institutional matters. The interview will be broadcast as part of the Bein Sports News schedule as well as the channel’s programmes dedicated to the Spanish League.

Bein Sports is a global broadcasting leader with audiences of up to 80 million viewers for some of its sports programmes, particular football, and is present in the Middle East and countries such as France, USA and Australia.

After the Bein visit, Javier Faus then visited the Al Jazeera studios where he was shown round by the head of news Ibrahim Helal, to whom he presented a Barça shirt, and saw both the Arabic and English language newsrooms.  As well as its broadcasts in the Middle East, Al Jazeera – which has become a global leader since its foundation in 1996 - is present in USA and has specific programmes for Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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