A panoramic shot of the Camp Nou full in the evening / PHOTO: FCB Archive

One of the agreements reached in the FC Barcelona Board of Directors’ meeting on Monday was to allocate the 1,038 available season-tickets at Camp Nou to members on the waiting list. The measure was announced on Tuesday by the Social Area vice president Jordi Cardoner in a press conference.

The available seats have come about for a variety of reasons, natural, non-payment and also due to the Club’s tougher measures to combat fraud. The number ready for redistribution is the highest since during the season 2011/12 the process of ratifying the waiting list was regulated.

1,730 members have benefitted

This is the fourth consecutive season that the Board has assigned available season-ticket spaces to members on the waiting list. In the season 2011/12 199 new season-ticket places were awarded, plus 12 more for the physically challenged. The following season the figure was 161 plus 1 for the area reserved for wheelchairs. In 2013/14 there were 319 places awarded so with the 1,038 from this season means that a total of 1,730 members from the waiting list have received season-ticket spaces. That figure is 24.2% of the 7,138 members who were registered initially when the process was brought up to date four years ago.

Social projects

In the press conference Cardoner went on to reveal new initiatives from the Board of Directors to “fall in line with the social policies we are carrying out at the moment” and to “promote families coming to the stadium.” These measures include extending the limit for the current ‘Junior Passport’ system from the age of eight to the age of 14. There will be a similar ‘Senior Passport’ scheme allowing free entrance for matches to members who are 70 years of age or above, have been members for more than 25 years and who have not been season-ticket holders at any point during the last five years. Furthermore, there will be benefits for large families with a third child and beyond being eligible for free membership until the age of 18.

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