The banner will be unfurled on Saturday afternoon. FCB PHOTOMONTAGE

On Saturday before the start of the Liga fixture with Athletic Bilbao (6.00 PM CET at the Camp Nou) a huge 45 x 46 metre banner will be unfurled across the length of the touchline in the colours of FC Barcelona and of the Catalan flag, along with the symbol commemorating the Tricentenary of the end of the Siege of Barcelona.

The Siege was one of the final battles of the War of Spanish Succession (1701–1714) between the Grand Alliance (Archduke Charles of Austria, backed by Britain and the Netherlands) and Philip V of Spain, backed by France. Barcelona was being bombarded from Montjuïc Castle, but withstood the assault until 20,000 Bourbon forces arrived in 1714 and finally conquered the city on on 11 September. This defeat is now commemorated as the National Day of Catalonia.

The Spanish Football League has also given the go-ahead for Barcelona to wear its red and yellow striped uniform, the colours of the Catalan flag, in today’s encounter with the Basques. The motion to don the shirt, usually reserved only for away fixtures, in commemoration of the Tricentenary, was unanimously approved by the Board of Directors.

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