FC Barcelona celebrates its 115th anniversary on Saturday November 29, and wants to share the event with its members and fans all around the world. Using the tagline ‘sóc culer’ (‘I’m a Barça supporter), the club is calling on fans to take a photo or record a video while making a C symbol with their hands over their hearts and saying the words ‘sóc culer’. They can then share the images on social networks using the hashtag #FCB115.

The ‘sóc culer’ initiative, which will last for the next 115 days, begins with the release of a video in which first team players explain what the initiative is about and encourage FC Barcelona supporters to get involved.

Origins of the term ‘culer’

The word ‘culer’ comes from the Catalan word for ‘bottom’. It dates back to the view from outside of the old Barça stadium in Carrer Indústria (now Carrer París), where the team played from 1909 to 1922. There was a wall around the ground and all people walking by in the street could see was a long row of spectators’ backsides sitting along the top of it! Of course, the nickname was originally used in a clearly derogatory manner, but over the years people grew attached to it, even Barça’s own supporters, who are now proud to use the term to describe themselves.

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