Competition 'Write your own Barça history'

Thousands of people have taken part in the ‘Write your own Barça history’ competition in which contestants choose their most important 16 moments from FC Barcelona’s long existence by means of archive photographs. For the month of November the winner is Yaya Akherraz who will receive a Barça shirt.

The competition is part of a series of events to commemorate the FC Barcelona Museum’s 30th anniversary. Via the microsite ‘Write your own Barça history’, members and fans are able to choose the images that represent for them the history of FC Barcelona during its 115 year existence.

These moments can be chosen from four chronologically organised periods (1899-1974, 1974-1992, 1992-2003 and 2003-2014) and participants must choose four photos from each timeframe. Once chosen the 16 photographs are used to build an infographic in the form of a timeline with the most important moments selected by the contestants.

The most voted for moments

With the competition up and running the most chosen moments by the thousands of people who have taken part up to now are: the celebrations following the Club’s first Champions League success at Wembley; the image of a young Pep Guardiola and a young Albert Ferrer at the Plaça Sant Jaume in Barcelona; the Champions League winning celebrations in Paris with Carles Puyol and Ronaldinho; the video scoreboard at the Santiago Bernabéu following the 5-0 victory there in the season 1973/74; Lionel Messi at Camp Nou with his Ballon d’Or awards; Ronaldo celebrating the European Cup Winners Cup win in 1997.

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