The French guests were clearly impressed with the Museum. PHOTO: GERMÁN PARGA-FCB.

The FC Barcelona Museum, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, has received a visit today from representatives of the French Tennis Federation and Roland Garros, who were here to get an idea what it is that makes this one of the most visited sports museums in the world, and a trendsetter for such facilities. The Ronald Garros museum, which opened in 2003, will close in 2015 for major changes before reopening again in 2019, in the hope of also becoming one of the planet’s most spectacular sports exhibitions.

Jordi Penas, the director of FCB’s museum, told his French guests how the facility was totally transformed in 2010, developing new ways of presenting Barça’s history and heritage, and including new technologies to make the visit more entertaining for younger visitors. The Camp Nou Experience, which combines the Museum and the Camp Nou Tour, is now a must-see on any tourist itinerary of Barcelona.

The head of contents for the Roland Garros museum, Michaël Guittard, its curator, Claire Venambre, and the marketing manager for the French Tennis Federation, Thomas Ravon, were enthralled by the conceptual ideas behind the Barça museum and were fascinated to learn about everything that has been done to ensure an attractive, and interactive, experience for everyone that comes to discover more about the football club.

Statement by Michaël Guittard, Roland Garros Museum head of contents:

“We came here to see how history and everyday events and emotions have been mixed at this Museum. And we will not be going away disappointed. Everything here is so perfectly combined. We loved the trophies, the multimedia screens and the huge tactile wall. And then we went down to the pitch and it was wonderful to admire this stadium with a hundred thousand seats. We have really enjoyed our trip to Barcelona”.

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