El jove Carlos i la seva germana petita Micaela sostenen unes samarretes del barça amb els seus noms estampats

Carlos with his sister Micaela during his visit to the Camp Nou Experience. PHOTO: GERMÁN PARGA / FCB

Next Friday sees the release of the documentary Camino a la Escuela (The Way to School), a film by the French director Pascal Plisson that deals with the difficulties of getting to school in the case of four children, one from India, one Argentine, one Kenya and one from Morocco.

Carlos Yañez is the youngster from Argentina in the work and taking advantage of being in Barcelona to promote the documentary, on Friday he visited the Camp Nou Experience as a guest of FC Barcelona. Prior to his visit to the Museum, he had the chance to meet Leo Messi privately at the Ciutat Esportiva. Carlos is a devoted fan of his fellow countryman and he described the moment as ‘really nice’. In addition, he also met and took photographs with Javier Mascherano and Andrés Iniesta.

Once inside the Camp Nou Experience, the young South American paid special attention to the Club’s collection of silverware, the multimedia space and the stands inside Camp Nou stadium. “It’s the first time that I have seen such a big football ground from the inside, I thought it would be smaller,” he admitted. Up until Friday he had only ever visited Boca Juniors’ famous ground La Bombonera in Buenos Aires, and even then only from the outside. Carlos was accompanied during the visit by his mother and by his sister Micaela. As part of his Camp Nou Experience he was able to pose for a photograph with a replica of the Champions League trophy found inside the Museum and he was also presented with a Barça shirt and a book about the Club’s history. Two gifts that will bring that little bit closer to Barça from his home in Patagonia, Argentina.

Carlos is 11 years old and comes from a farming family who live in the Andes, in one of the most remote areas of Patagonia. Since the age of six, every day he has mounted his horse to make the one and a half hour 18 kilometre journey to school. A route that takes him through mountains and plains in good weather and bad: all in all, a lesson to us all in dedication and commitment.

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