FC Barcelona will be better poised to cater for their massive following in the US / FCB ARCHIVE

FC Barcelona is going to be much more in touch with its North American market thanks to the decision announced by the board on Monday to open a new office in New York. The success of the branch in Hong Kong to serve the East Asian market was the inspiration for this decision, with the USA being one of the club’s most important commercial, digital and media priorities.

Another product of the meeting was the announcement of a friendly in Qatar on February 4 against an opponent to be decided. The game forms part of the agreement with Qatar Sports Investments.

The board also approved the extension of the sponsorship deal with Audi for a further four years until 2018.

They also decided that the year 2015 should be used to honour the memory of Josep Suñol i Garriga, who was president of the club from 1935 and 1936, and was executed in 1936. A special section of the club museum will be dedicated to him, and a bust will be placed on the presidential box at the Camp Nou, which will eventually be moved to the future institutional headquarters in the old Masia building.

In other decisions, 1.3 million euros will be spent on the Ciutat Esportiva training ground, including changes to the parking facilities, the creation of a recovery track for the first team players and the building of a new television studio.

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