Yet more members now have season tickets for the Camp Nou / FCB ARCHIVE

The 1,038 season tickets that have been assigned for this year mean changes in the waiting list for seats, meaning that there are now 8,318 other members on the waiting list, plus eleven awaiting places in the wheelchair zone. As of Monday, the revised list is available for viewing in the Members section of the club website, following entry of the membership code and PIN number.

The new seats have been made available due to members leaving for natural causes or having their memberships cancelled due to not meeting certain criteria, particularly regarding payments, but also a result of the control procedure that has revealed cases of fraud. This is the highest number of new seats since this process was implemented four years ago, when there were 13,980 members awaiting tickets, but the system was disorderly and unregulated. This year, 24.2% of the 7,138 members on the waiting list at the start of the year now have season tickets.

To obtain a season ticket for the Camp Nou, members must first sign up in person at the OAB for a place on the waiting list. They must have already been members for at least two years. This application must be ratified every season and in person between October 15 and January 7.

[[BOTOVERMELL::WAITING LIST++::http://www.fcbarcelona.com/members/detail/card/season-ticket-waiting-list::HOR::NF::NO-TRACKING::::::]]

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