Visit the Camp Nou and Museum and enter the FC Barcelona selfies competition / FOTO: FCB

The #CampNouExperience selfie competition has generated more than two million ‘likes’ since it started last July. Visitors to the tour of the stadium and museum have posted 6,500 pictures on Instagram, the world's number one photography website.

August’s winning photo

Thousands of photos have been posted to Instagram this August using the hashtag #campnouexperience. Since the contest started, 3,968 users have posted 6.552 selfies in two months, generating a staggering 2.37 million ‘likes’. 

@gossip_barcelona is August’s winner after receiving a massive 6,896 ‘likes’. The winning entrant must now contact the club at campnouexperience@gmail.com to claim her first team shirt, the prize for the most voted entry for the August edition of the #CampNouExperience competition

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There have now been two winners, following on from July winner @RAQUELCULEPIQUE who after enjoying the tour of the FC Barcelona facilities commented that “you must visit the Camp Nou Experience, because you get the chance to all the trophies and pictures from our club’s history, as well as visiting the stadium.”

One more month

As the summer draws to a close, September is the last month in which visitors to the Camp Nou and Museum will get the chance to win a barça shirt of their own. All pictures must be selfies taken during the tour and must be posted to Instagram using the hashtag #campnouexperience.


Remember that photos are only valid if they were taken during the tour and have been published on Instagram using the hashtag #campnouexperience. You can see all of the selfies and enter the context using this application.

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