The Camp Nou Lounge at night - truly remarkable / PHOTO: FCB

The first evenings in the Camp Nou Lounge proved a massive hit among fans. Some 300 people practically sold out the second sitting on Friday night and both on Saturday, with customers flocking to enjoy a top quality culinary experience while taking in the breath-taking surroundings of the floodlit stadium.

The panoramic view of the empty terraces makes for an extraordinary setting for an evening meal, so it was no surprise to see that in addition to enjoying a meal together, almost all of the guests also made the most of a unique photo opportunity.

Reservations required

This service is not part of the Camp Nou Experience, and is open to anyone who is interested by simply filling in the booking form.

The culinary delights on offer include vermouths, hot tapas, grilled meals, desserts and a wide variety of Damm beers. There is also a special ‘tasting’ menu with the chance to sample different beers.

Visitors get free parking via access 14, and can use this space for supper or to enjoy an aperitif between 20.00 and 23.30. FC Barcelona members get an exclusive 10% discount.

The space is complemented with ambient lighting and music, and meals are available in two sittings, either at 20.00 or 22.00. Entrance to the Camp Nou Lounge is via gate 15 to the stadium.

New summer proposal

The Camp Nou Lounge is located in the first tier of the grandstand and was especially designed by FC Barcelona to ensure that this summer’s visitors to the club get to enjoy catering and leisure services that include a select range of food and beverages in an incomparable setting.


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