Members approved the Club accounts for 2014/15 / PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ-FCB

Speaking at Saturday’s ordinary General assembly, Club economic vice-president Javier Faus announced a record-breaking revenue figure for last season of €529.9m, the highest in the history of FC Barcelona.  Profits also rose to €41m.

 Expenditure for last season was €472m.  Mr Faus highlighted an increase in payments to players and indicated that the Club would be keeping a close eye on this potential problem.  However, he insisted there are no plans to cut back on the other sports sections

Net debt was reduced by 44 m€ last year and currently stands at €287m, down from 431m  four years ago.  Since the current Board took office the debt has shrunk by €143 m.

 In the last four years, FC Barcelona has risen from 24th to 2nd in the Forbes ranking, and generated 113 m€ in profit.  He told delegates, “Barça has the most brand potential of any club”.  However, he warned that the Club was “reaching a ceiling” in this area.  At the same time, the continuing global economic problems were affecting income from sources such as royalties and merchandising.

For the current season, net profit is expected to reach €18m, with income rising to 539.2 and expenditure also rising to €509.6m.  The Club’s Director General, Antoni Rossich described the plan as “realistic, rigorous and prudent”.

Shirt sponsorship approved

The assembly also approved sponsorship deals with Intel and Beko to include their logos on the players’ shirts.



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