The bloggers had their photo taken with the Champions League Trophy / CRISTINA GONZÁLEZ

Leyla Alyanak isn’t a football fan, but after visiting the Camp Nou Experience, she reckons she’d love to see a game: “it was a real discovery for me. I thought it would be a Tour full of big football and Barça fans, but I’ve seen it really is the chance for people like me, who nothing about the game, to come along and enjoy themselves”.

Leyla is one of a group of nine international travel and culture bloggers who visited the Camp Nou invited by Barcelona Turisme and the Club Museum for a special Camp Nou Experience Tour, which included a visit to the Presidential Box.

The writers, who are from all over the world, were most impressed by the panoramic views of the pitch. As Enzo Ferrari accompanied by his wife Silvia Reggiani, put it: “it must be a marvellous emotion which the players feel as they run out onto the pitch, with the ground full of fans”. Similarly, Cedric Lizotte, from Canada, reckoned: “you feel a magic atmosphere when you are here and I can understand why the City is so proud of this stadium”.

The Camp Nou – a big tourist attraction

“The aim of this initiative is to show the City of Barcelona to these international bloggers. More and more people use the Internet to look for holiday destinations and these writers are a reference point”, said Barcelona Tourism’s Mònica Solés, “FC Barcelona is one of the big exporters of the Catalonia and Barcelona brands and the Camp Nou is a great attraction for tourists”.

The visit was part of a three-day trip to the City for the bloggers, who, it is hoped, will go home and report on the area’s many highlights. One of those seems likely to be the Camp Nou – as Enzo Ferrari commented: “I’d urge everyone to visit the ground as it’s a real family atmosphere and a lovely experience”.


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The bloggers who visited the Camp Nou

Mike Hinshaw - Nomadic Texan

Leyla Alyanak - Women on the road

Anita Breland - Anita's Feast

Jessica Bowler - Barcelona Blonde

Enzo Ferrari - Inguaribile Viaggiatore

Silvia Reggiani - Inguaribile Viaggiatore

Cedric Lizotte - Continents and condiments

Margarita Ibbott - DownshiftingPRO

Geoff Matthews - WanderTooth

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