Barça Fans presenta una campanya sorprenent

The video ‘Next Stop: Barça Fans’, the highly original promotional campaign for the online loyalty project for Baça supporters around the world, has become a viral internet sensation. On just the Club’s Facebook page, and in just two days, it has already gathered 3.5 millions plays and has become the most shared publication of 2015. As well, it has been seen some 83,000 times on the Daily Motion and YouTube platforms. The video was only released on Wednesday so that figure is sure to increase in the coming days.

The ‘Barça Fans’ project is being currently promoted by this ingenious campaign  which surprised hundreds of people just few days ago as they were waiting for a bus in the Hospital de Llobregat area of Barcelona close to Camp Nou. Their usual bus stop had been converted into the FC Barcelona dugout area with an exact replica of the seats used at Barça’s famous ground. Their reactions were filmed by a hidden camera.

People attracted by the installation became unwitting participants in the recording of unexpected situations: a great ovation for Xavi Hernández on the screen, or a referee asking them to get on the bus after a warm up amongst others.

All of the events were gathered together for the video that has as its title ‘Next Stop: Barça Fans’ that from this week can be seen via the Club’s social on line channels.

BARÇA FANS I Next stop: Barça Fans (ENG) per fcbarcelona
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