Felip Puig and Carles Vilarrubí attended the signing. PHOTO: V. SALGADO -FCB

The Minister for Business and Labour and president of the Catalan Tourist Board (ACT), Felip Puig, and FC Barcelona vice-president, Carles Vilarrubí, have renewed the collaboration agreement between the respective parties for the joint promotion around the world of Catalonia as a top quality tourist destination. The event was attended by the director of the Catalan Tourist Board, Xavier Espasa, while Barça was represented by marketing manager Laurent Colette.

The contract, valid until June 30, 2016, consolidates the relation between the two entities, which shall be working together to exploit the Barça name, one of the country’s most famous assets and which shares Catalonia’s values of leadership, prestige, effort, passion and national identity in order to promote the region as a tourist destination.

Joint presentations

The deal involves using Barça’s foreign contacts to make joint presentations, in combination with visits to different cities for Champions League matches, summer tours and preseason friendlies; the club’s international schools around the world, and its communication channels, especially those based online. These will be aimed at tour operators and local media in places considered to be important generators of tourism. In the case of the Asia-Pacific market, Barça and the ACT will be organising a variety of promotional activities and competitions via social networks that will also be able to promote Catalonia as a tourist destination in such a strategic area of the world market.

Catalan Tourist Board partnership programme

The agreement with FC Barcelona is one of many projects that the ACT is setting up with different companies and organisations with a similar international outlook, the aim being to generate resources to improve the impact of Catalonia as a tourist destination around the world.

Statements by the Minister for Business and Labour and president of the Catalan Tourist Board (ACT), Felip Puig:

“Barça represents the same values around the world that are associated to the name of Catalonia. Barça is a more powerful brand than any other in the country and it was a wise move and a fine opportunity for it to be associated with Catalonia”.

“Tourism forms a basic part of our economic recovery and this collaboration with Barça will boost the economy, culture and internationalisation of Catalonia”.

Statements by vice-president Carles Vilarrubí:

“We are very pleased with the results of this agreement and to be able help our country with tourism matters, which are so important for our economic recovery. After two years, today is the liturgy of that success. The renewal of the contract shows that it is achieving the expected results”.

“Throughout the four years of this Board’s mandate, we have sought to offer the platform of what FC Barcelona means in order to project and promote the name of Catalonia around the world. We put the huge social phenomenon that is this club at the service of the country”.

“As president Suñol said, ‘Sport and Citizenship’ make us responsible for our country and our objectives. As well as winning and getting the ball in the net, we have to make the global phenomenon that Barça is, the leader in social networks and the focus of so much media attention, into something that can also serve our institutions”

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