International Symposium on Disability and Football

Next April 28 and 29, FC Barcelona will host the International Symposium on Disability and Football organised by the club’s Specialised Services Office (OAE), to offer an arena for dialogue and reflection regarding the inclusion of disabled people in the world of sport. Different clubs have been invited to participate by sharing experiences and concerns about accessibility for this group of people.

The International Symposium will commence on April 28 at 10.00 am in the Auditorium 1899 with the official presentation by the vice-president of the Social Area, Jordi Cardoner. The first day will consist of a series of talks by renowned specialists from the world of sport and disability. Experts in the field will be attending from Manchester United, Bayern Munich, Chelsea and Ajax, representing clubs with adapted and accessible stadiums and which work with season ticket holders and fans with functional diversities.

Before that, Pilar Guinovart, director in chief of the Specialised Services Office (OAE) will be explaining its role and operations whereby it attends personally to all club members with disabilities or limited mobility.

The OAE's board of assessors shall also be present to talk about the different projects that it has carried out, and the director responsible for the OAE, Jordi Durà, shall be discussing sport and disability, and sport as an instrument for integration and normalisation.

Football camp at Ciutat Esportiva

As part of the Symposium, on Wednesday 29 April, the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper will be running a football camp that’s being attended by several European clubs with teams for the physically disabled. Chelsea, Werder Bremen, Everton, Only Friends-Ajax and the PB Special Barça will participate in the camp, which is being coordinated by FC Barcelona coaches. It will include training sessions on sport, football and values, activities for experiencing and learning skills, tactics and physical aspects of football, and finally there will be a tournament involving all of the participant teams.

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