The Futbol Club Barcelona Board of Directors, on the occasion of the start of the court hearing with regard to the liability claim proposed by the Ordinary General Assembly of October 15, 2010, wishes to state the following:

1. The cause of the liability claim is the presumed breach, by the previous Board of Directors, of the dispositions of Law 10/1990 on Sport, which establishes that Boards that assume responsibility for the management of a football club may not spend more than the club’s income during their full mandate period.

2. The accounts for the 2009/2010 financial year, from which arise the losses that have motivated this liability claim, were audited by Deloitte, the same official Club auditor that had been previously designated in 2003 by the Board presided by Joan Laporta and that has audited the Club’s accounts for the last ten years.

3. The Club’s auditor presented the current Board with its report, according to which the accounts formulated by the previous Board did not reflect the economic reality of the last financial year, due to the inclusion of four exceptions and three uncertainties.

4. According to the dispositions of the Law on Sport and accountancy regulations, bad-debt provisions should have been made for these seven imprecisions, and so the final accounts of that Board required reformulation in accordance with accountancy regulations and the criteria validated by the auditor.

5. In compliance with the law and with commitments assumed with regard to the members, the current Board submitted the audited accounts without exceptions for approval by the Club’s Ordinary General Assembly, which reflect major losses, and also called for its decision regarding the opportuneness of presenting a liability action.

6. With both motions approved and in compliance with the Assembly’s demands, the Club presented the relevant claim that is now the subject of a court hearing.

7. The judge’s decision will establish the grounds and criteria to be applied in order to determine the liability of the Boards in relation with the financial results of their administrations.

FC Barcelona, out of respect for the procedure and the persons involved, shall make no further public statement until the judge has pronounced a verdict.

                                                                                                   Barcelona, 15 September 2014

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