The Camp Nou Experience received 1,530,484 visitors in 2014

The FC Barcelona Museum has once again finished the year as the most visited in Catalonia. In 2014 it welcomed an incredible 1,530,484 visitors, a 1.62% increase on the previous year. That was enough to beat the Dalí Museum in Figueres, with 1,297,311 visitors, into second place, with the Picasso Museum in Barcelona third with 919,814.

Way back on January 4, the FCB Museum welcomed its 25 millionth visitor, who turned out to be Àlex Jiménez and his sons Estanis and Dídac. They were honoured with a special guided tour accompanied by the vice-president and manager of the Social Area, Jordi Cardoner, and the Museum curator Jordi Penas.

30 years

The museum also celebrated its 30th anniversary this year, on September 24. Members were allowed in free along with up to five guests. In the game at the Camp Nou against Granada, the players wore a special commemorative logo on their shirts and a whole range of different pre-match activities took place outside the ground.

The activities included the selfies competition in which people took pictures during the #CampNouExperiencie. It collected 2.76 million likes for the over 8,000 photos uploaded onto Instagram.

The Camp Nou Experience includes the Stadium Tour and the Museum, and the visitors this year have included first players like Neymar Jr, who have wanted to learn a little more about their team. Former players Belletti, Giuly, Bakero and Alan Simonsen have also visited, and the managers of the Roland Garros Museum in Paris also came by on a fact-finding mission.

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