Jordi Cardoner has presented the outcome of the census process / GERMÁN PARGA - FCB

On Friday morning, FC Barcelona Social Area vice-president Jordi Cardoner presented the results of the two-and-a-half-year census process, and offered an analysis of what the numbers obtained mean in terms of the club's membership.

At present, 144,756 completed and handed in the census, while 9,213 have yet to pay this year’s membership fee. The latter will have a few more weeks to settle their payment or, once all administrative processes have run their course, they will be definitively dropped as active members according to that established in the Club’s Statutes

The process began on 22 October 2012 and ended at the end of December 2014. “This has been a historic achievement, not because of the census, but because of the pulchritude and clarity” Cardoner told the media today. A specific office was set up to run the operation and cater for members’ needs and enquiries.“This is a historic achievement because of the pulchritude and clarity”
The vice-president continued by commenting that "we have detected certain irregularities that we have been able to correct.” The club had 170,235 members when the process began, and that figure has been reduced to 144,756. This is due to natural causes (voluntary cancellation or death) or various forms of fraud that have now been amended. In total, 83% of the members passed the census, 7% have left for natural reasons and 10% are no longer members due to the detection of irregularities.

The membership outlined

The outcome is that we now have a far clearer picture of how many members FC Barcelona has, and who and where they are, which will help focus more on what they really need. “We have been able to segment them into different groups so we know where the specific needs lie” said Cardoner. The idea is to find a balance between the number of members and the services offered by the club, which is a crucial factor to be considered when restructuring the new stadium.

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