Books play a central role in Sant Jordi celebrations all over Catalonia


Books play a central role in Sant Jordi celebrations all over Catalonia

April 23 is a big day in many places around the world. It’s St George’s Day, or Sant Jordi as he is known in Catalonia, where the local patron saint is celebrated with particular enthusiasm. Tradition dictates that on this day, men should give their loved ones a rose and women should return the favour by giving their partners a book – a tradition that has since been exported to the world, with April 23 having been declared UNESCO World Book Day.

FC Barcelona even honours Sant Jordi by including the famous red cross on its club crest. And that’s a fitting image, for the club shares the same kind of values as the legendary knight, such as nobleness, valour and justice – and the club has prepared this commemorative video to make that point clear.

To celebrate Sant Jordi, this year the FCBotiga Megastore, the shop on the Camp Nou premises, is going to be offering its Barça-themed books to its fans and members.

Something for everyone

And there are plenty of those, aimed at all ages. For the little ones, there are We’re going to the Barça Museum and We’re going to the Camp Nou, two storybooks in which a proud grandfather explains the history of the club to his grandchildren, and then takes them to a match for the first time.

Young children can also enjoy colouring in and practicing their writing skills with Create & write we’re going to the Camp Nou, while older readers will enjoy The Thrill is back, which features images and texts from the 2013/14 season through to the start of the current 2014/15 campaign.

The illustrated history of FC Barcelona is precisely that, a wonderful journey through the many glorious years of the club’s history with some extraordinary photos of legendary players and events. On a similar note, Unforgettable images is the ideal coffee-table book, with glossy pictures of great moments in Barça history.

All of the above are available in English, while the trilingual Barça. El meu Club, mi Club, my Club is full of surprises, including a 3D pop-up of the Camp Nou and even a musical rendition of the club anthem. And the multilingual The Barça ball is a charming children’s story about a ball that wants to play with the Barça players!

So make you celebrate Sant Jordi and World Book Day by bringing your passion reading and your passion for Barça together as one!

FC Barcelona - Sant Jordi 2015 (ENG) by fcbarcelona

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