El president Bartomeu i el vicepresident Cardoner han mostrat el seu condol a la vídua de Biosca

President Bartomeu and vice-president Cardoner offered their condolences to Biosca's widow / PHOTO: GERMAN PARGA - FCB

Gustau Biosca i Pagès, who died on November 1 at the age of 86, was given a heartfelt farewell today by relatives, friends, former team-mates and representatives of FC Barcelona, the club where he helped write one of the most glorious periods in its history as a member of the emblematic team of the Five Cups.

President Josep Maria Bartomeu and the vice-president of the Social Area, Jordi Cardoner, led the Barça delegation along with director Silvio Elías at the funeral held today in Les Corts.

Other mourners included the president of the Barça Players Group, Ramon Alfonseda, and several other members of that association, of which Gustau Biosca was once president. Former FCB president Josep Lluís Núñez was also in attendance, as was Joan Trayter, former president of the managerial board in 2003, and his son Joan Manuel, the current Members Trustee.

Biosca’s family, his widow Roser, his four children, Sílvia, Sergi, Gustau and Cèsar, and his in-laws and grandchildren, received copious displays of condolence and admiration. Gustau Biosca was one of the warmest and most charismatic players of his era, and was a man who always held FC Barcelona very close to his heart.

Statement by president Josep Maria Bartomeu

“The death of Gustau Biosca is a very heartfelt loss. He was always so charismatic, a true Barça man, who helped the team both as a footballer and after. We will miss him. Today we pay homage to the players of the 1940s generation and the Team of the Five Cups, one of whom was Gustau Biosca. We had been preparing this tribute for a long time, and today it has more meaning than ever. We must thank these players for everything they have done for Barcelona. These players deserve to live and feel our recognition”.

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