Xavier Asensi and Takashi Kawamori / FOTO: Silong Sam

FC Barcelona has signed a new sponsorship agreement with Apamanshop, making the real estate agency chain, which has 1,066 offices, a Regional Sponsor of FC Barcelona in Japan until 2016. With this alliance FC Barcelona continues to build relationships with leading brands in priority markets, bringing Barça closer to its fans in the area. Growth in the Asia market has been a top priority of the Club’s Hong Kong office.

The official announcement of this agreement, which shall take effect on 1 November 2014 and shall be for two years, took place this Saturday at the Hilton Tokyo. Apamanshop Managing Director, Takashi Kawamori and Xavier Asensi, the Managing Director of FCB Asia Pacific attended the official presentation.

Through this alliance the Japanese firm has obtained the right to use the Barça image as well as those of the players, who will appear in Apamanshop marketing campaigns in public spaces, airport and other mass transportation publicity, shop decoration, or promotional products, among others.

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