March 19 is Father’s Day in Barcelona and to celebrate, we are offering a special promotion starting on Monday 9 March whereby fans and members get a 40% discount on the price of their second ticket for the game against Almeria at the Camp Nou on Wednesday 8 April at 8.00pm CET. The offer is valid until March 19 and purchases must be made on the club website at www.fcbarcelona.com using the promotional code ADNCULER. Tickets are available for all zones apart from Gol Baix, General and Lateral 4.

[[BOTOVERMELL::FATHERS DAY PROMOTION++FCB V ALMERIA::https://tickets-fcb.fcbarcelona.com/fcbarcelona/en_US/entradas/evento/1933/session/105033/step1r2::HOR::NF::NO-TRACKING::::::]]

Also from March 9 to 19, FC Barcelona members get a 30% discount on the purchase of one or two tickets for the game with Almeria. This offer is valid via all of the usual sales channels and is applied as soon as the member is identified. If buying a ticket outside of this period, members get the usual 20% discount.

The Camp Nou Experience too

We are also offering a special Fathers Day deal for the Camp Nou Experience, which includes both the stadium tour and the museum visit. From March 9 to 22, all you have to do is go to the club website at www.fcbarcelona.con and enter the code DIAPA5 to get a 50% discount on two tickets.

[[BOTOVERMELL::Fathers Days Promotion++Camp Nou Experience::https://tickets-fcb.fcbarcelona.com/fcbmuseu/en_US/entradas/evento/1200/session/13498/step1r2::HOR::NF::NO-TRACKING::::::]]

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