Two newlywed Chinese couples visited the Camp Nou / GERMÁN PARGA-FCB

“I feel very lucky that one of my dreams has come true and I have been able to get to know this lovely city” says Zhao Jiexin, a young Chinese citizen who visited the Camp Nou on his honeymoon this week. He met his partner Liu Jian at work and they used to go to watch Barça games together. The FCB stadium is the perfect destination for many newlywed Chinese couples, which was also the place Yu Rui and Huang Yan chose to visit on their own honeymoon.

Yu Rui explains with a laugh that “I started supporting Barça when I was very young and I found out that I was born on the same day as Leo Messi.” He jokingly adds that he loves the Argentinian more than his wife! “Sorry, but I knew about him first” he continues. “He was a role model for me. Although we live so far away, I can compare myself to him and have noticed many similarities.”

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Lluna de mel al Camp Nou por fcbarcelona
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