The FC Barcelona Board of Directors, in a meeting that took place on Monday afternoon, have approved bringing forward the restructuring of the Club’s Executive Area, thereby fulfilling one of the commitments made by President Josep Maria Bartomeu in the Annual General Assembly celebrated in October.

Therefore, President Bartomeu has proposed to the Board of Directors that they sever the contract of the current Director General Antoni Rossich and replace him with the current managing director Ignacio Mestre.

The new restructuring of the Executive will speed up the decision making process, based on a more effective coordination and will be divided into three key areas:

  • General Management
  • Management of the Professional Sports Area and the Presidential Cabinet
  • Management of ‘Espai Barça’

Ignacio Mestre, the current managing director, will take the place of the position until now occupied by the Club’s general director Antoni Rossich, and he will coordinate the following departments: Social, Economic, Commercial, Finance, Medical Services, Human Resources, Legal, Innovation and Digital, Facilities Management, the Foundation, Marketing, Security, Operations, Audiovisual Rights, Protocol, Public Relations and Communication.

Furthermore, the current Director of Sporting Institutional Relations, Albert Soler, will now coordinate as Director the Area of Professional Sport and the Presidency the work of those responsible in the areas of Football, Football Management and the Professional Sporting Sections. Soler will remain responsible for the area of Sporting Institutional Relations.

Finally, the creation of a Presidential Cabinet has been approved and that will be presided over by Josep Maria Bartomeu and will be formed by the Director General Ignacio Mestre, the Director the Area of Professional Sport and the Presidency, Albert Soler and the Director of the Communications Department, Albert Montagut. Soler will act as coordinator for the Cabinet.

Gerard Guiu, up until now responsible for the Board of Directors’ Cabinet, is named as the new Director of Social Projects.

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