Concurs #CampNouExperience

The #CampNouExperience selfies completion ended in September with some incredible entrance figures. It has generated 2.76 million likes for more than 8,000 selfies in three months on the world’s leading photography social network, Instagram.

4,830 visitors to the FCB tour and museum have taken part in this international competition in which the pictures that get the most votes are the winners.

To end the contest, @pursuit_of_happiness_lmt has won the September prize for a picture that was liked over 19,000 times. The winner must now contact the club at campnouexperience@gmail.com in order to receive a first team football shirt. The July and August winners were @gossip_barcelona and @RAQUELCULEPIQUE.



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The Camp Nou selfies competition started with the promotional campaign ‘Your best moments to share in Barcelona’, an initiative to promote the Camp Nou and Museum as must-see visits for anybody travelling to the city. The competition was a way for visitors to the Camp Nou Experience to share their experience with the world via social networks.

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