Camp Nou Experience

Turn the Camp Nou Experience into one of the most photographed places in the world. This is one of the objectives of the campaign ‘Your best moments to share in Barcelona’, an initiative that aims to make the Camp Nou and the FC Barcelona Museum a must-see for tourists this summer.

Instagram contest

The Club wants Camp Nou Experience goers to share their experiences with the world through social networks. That’s why Barça, the most followed sports team in the world on line, is launching a selfie contest. Starting this Thursday, July 3, all visitors who take part in the contest and post their pictures to Instagram will be entered in to win an FC Barcelona kit.

According to recent studies, Barcelona is the third-most photographed city in the world and the Club wants the Camp Nou Experience, through the ‘Your best moments to share in Barcelona’ initiative, to be on of the most photographed spaces on Earth.

The Camp Nou Experience is a must-see, playful attraction that offers its visitors an impressive tour of the interior of the Camp Nou. Visitors will get to see the pitch, visit the Museum where the Club stores its most valuable trophies, and experience the multimedia space where the most magical and emblematic moments in FC Barcelona history can be relived.

One kit a month

The selfie contest will award the photographer whose photo gets the most ‘likes’ on Instagram an FC Barcelona kit (contest runs in July, August and September).

The Club has created a microsite on the official website where users can go and browse the submitted photos. The microsite will also rank the best photos of the day, week and month. It’s worth noting that only photos taken in the selfie format on the Camp Nou Experience route and posted to Instagram with the hashtag #campnouexperience will be viewable on the site.

Video with a surprise challenge

Part of the campaign features a video published on social networks in which a group of tourists who are walking on La Rambla are randomly chosen solely because they are appear to be Barça Fans. The tourists accept the surprise challenge and are asked to put on blindfolds.

It’s worth noting that this is the first time that FC Barcelona has organised an endeavour like this, in which 10 tourists accept the challenge to be blindfolded and then given a real Barça Experience. The chosen tourists start their Barça Experience by boarding the first team motor-coach, and then they are taken to the Camp Nou and instructed to remove their blindfolds once they reach the pitch of the famous stadium. They then make their way over to the Barça Lounge, the new gastronomic zone that has incredible views of the stadium.

Promotion of the campaign

‘Your best moments to share in Barcelona’ has launches a promotion campaign in some of the most visited places of Barcelona by tourists. For this reason, the Camp Nou Experience will be advertised at airports, on tour buses, in magazines, at Barcelona information centers and metro stops.

In addition to the above mentioned areas, the campaign will also be promoted in at Camp Nou and at Club installations.

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It’s easy to get your ticket

The Club has expanded the ways individuals can buy his or her ticket to the Camp Nou Experience. Here are the different ways to purchase your ticket:

- On the FC Barcelona website (smartphone friendly)

- At Barcelona information centers

- At official FC Barcelona stores

- At the Camp Nou ticketing booths

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